We present you a BMW R65, transformed into a cafe racer style, at Lord Drake Kustoms’ motorcycle customization workshop in Malaga; for a client residing in Brazil.

BMW R65 Cafe Racer "Blue" by Lord Drake Kustoms in a left-to-right view

This was the second converted BMW (out of a total of 3 units) that the customer ordered from Fran (Owner of LDK). The first was a BMW scrambler with the air of a classic motorcycle and we will talk about the third.

How this BMW R65 Cafe Racer was modified.

To make this cafe racer motorcycle, a 1984 BMW R65 was chosen, which came to Lord Drake Kustoms’ custom motorcycle workshop, from a private collection. This BMW R was like new and with only one owner and only 28,500 kilometers!

The first thing Fran Manen did was modify the original subframe and modify the shock absorbers that have been replaced by new shock absorbers with a motorcycle air bottle. This was followed by a fiberglass cafe racer rear seat and a single-seater seat for BMW R, handcrafted upholstered in brown leather.

BMW R65 Cafe Racer "Blue" showing the tank and the single-seater seat handcrafted upholstered in brown leather.

The original front suspension of this custom bike has been modified and has been lowered in height. Chrome 22mm cafe racer handlebars have also been fitted.

BMW R65 Cafe Racer "Blue" by Lord Drake Kustoms showing the handlebars in detail

Regarding the wheels, the rims have been treated with powder paint (in the company Metalcolors) and some Shinko tires for motorcycles have been installed.

BMW R65 Cafe Racer "Blue" by Lord Drake Kustoms being showing in a right-to-left little perspective

The fuel tank on this BMW R65 has been replaced by a BMW R100 fuel tank that has been restored and has an interior treatment applied before being painted and finished with the Monza fuel cap.

BMW R65 Cafe Racer "Blue" showing in detail the handlebars and the tank with the Monza fuel cap.

Lord Drake Kustoms has chosen to paint this transformed motorcycle in a matt electric blue color accompanied by black stripes and graphite.

A closer front left-to-right perspective of the BMW R65 Cafe Racer "Blue" where we can appreciate the matt electric blue of the tank and other elements.

Finally, it should be noted that a Motogadget Mini digital odometer has been installed, a new headlight and led turn signals, among many other cafe racer accessories that can be seen in this beautiful BMW cafe racer.

This motorcycle has been approved in Spain, thanks to our own Homologation and ITV service for transformed motorcycles, which we have in our custom motorcycle company.

A back view in perspective of the BMW R65 Cafe Racer "Blue"

BMW R65 Racer Blue Data Sheet

  • YEAR: 1984
  • DISPLAY: 650 cc
  • FORK: Original modified
  • REAR SUSPENSION: Air shocks
  • TANK: Original BMW R100
  • SUBCHASSIS: Original modified
  • SEAT: Manufactured and upholstered by hand
  • EXHAUST: Modified manifold and tails
  • FRONT WHEEL: Original with Shinko tires
  • REAR WHEEL: Original with Shinko tires
  • LIGHTING: Headlight, turn signals and taillight
  • SPEEDOMETER: Digital Motogadget Mini
  • OTHER WORKS: painting, powder painting, grips, footrest modification, etc.

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