After the success of the first Harley transformed for the Harley Davidson Dealer in Malaga (a Sportster Scrambler), the second custom motorcycle was about to arrive to complete the initial order.

The second unit was a cafe racer bike, built on a 2005 carbureted Sportster 883 base and delivered to the Harley dealer just two days after the “BULTRACKER 04”.

Fran Manen at the Harley Davidson dealer in Malaga
Fran Manen at the delivery of the two motorcycles to the Harley Davidson Dealer in Malaga

This Sportster cafer racer was also the second unit of this model, which Lord Drake Kustoms made. Anecdotally, the first unit of this model was also acquired by another Harley Davidson dealer but this time in Brussels (Belgium), specifically “Capital Brussels”.

Specifically, this transformed Harley Davidson was a cafe racer motorcycle without more, finished in an elegant black color that combined gloss black with pearl black and with gold details and pinstriping; it was called Stormracer.

Lord Drake Kustoms Stormracer just finished
Lord Drake Kustoms Stormracer Engine Details
Lord Drake Kustoms Stormracer Parts
Stormracer in Lord Drake Kustoms Workshop

As we indicated at the beginning, this custom Harley was delivered and exhibited at the Harley Davidson store in Malaga, just two days after the first unit; And like its predecessor, it caused a sensation to the point that it also sold out in less than 48 hours.

With this second bike, the first collaboration agreement between Grupo Siebla (owner of Harley Davidson Málaga) and Lord Drake Kustoms was completed with great success.

Lord Drake Kustoms Stormracer
“Stormracer” a Harley Sportster 883 Cafe Racer from Lord Drake Kustoms

Motorcycle transformations in Malaga and the rest of Spain were increasingly in demand and the legendary Harley Davidson brand was not going to be left behind; at least in Malaga, where its official dealer opted to ally itself with one of the world leaders in customizing Harley Davidson….

It was the beginning of a great relationship between two great brands who share a passion: the world of custom motorcycles and the brand that drove it… Harley Davidson.