A Harley Custom Bobber for an Antonio Banderas Charity Gala

This is the story of the customization of a Harley Custom Bobber built in record time to be auctioned at a charity gala organized by Antonio Banderas during Miami Fashion Week 2019.

Coinciding with the first anniversary of Lord Drake Kustoms’ attendance at Miami Fashion Week for the Charity Gala organized by Antonio Banderas, Fran Manen reveals in this new chapter of the LDK TV channel, many surprises and anecdotes from that event.

Getting a record in the customization of a motorcycle in just 3 days, the result was the spectacular “Rusty Rush”. A Harley Davidson Sportster converted to Bobber style, which was auctioned at the Antonio Banderas gala during the celebration of 2019 Miami Fashion Week and which was exhibited on its catwalk during the entire duration of the parades.

This event was a before and after for Lord Drake Kustoms, since, apart from receiving great recognition, it was the seed of other future projects.

But what we are most proud of is that all funds raised during the auction of this Harley Custom Bobber went to a good cause: the Nicklaus Hospital for Sick Children in Miami and the Tears and Favors Foundation of Malaga.

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