The transformations of Indian motorcycles in Spain are beginning to stand out in the motorcycle customization sector and for this reason, Lord Drake Kustoms’ motorcycle transformation workshop in Malaga started to emerge in Indian modifications, especially in Scout models.

The motorcycles of this mythical American brand are increasingly sold within Spain; And as there are more units of these custom bikes on the market, the demand fortransformations and customizations of Indian motorcycles is also increasing.

The most sought-after motorcycle models to carry out modifications are the Indian Scout, Chief and the FTR 1200; which little by little are stealing more market (especially the Scout models) from their direct competitor, which are the Harley Davidson and especially the traditional Sportster models that have already stopped selling in Spain.

Indian Scout Bobber 240

At Lord Drake Kustoms we are very clear that the transformations of Indian motorcycles in Spain are not going to stop rising and are going to give a lot to talk about in the world of motorcycle customization.

As for motorcycle customization styles that can be achieved with the Indian, the range is very wide, because depending on the chosen model, cafe racer or bobber transformations can be made with the Scout or Chief models and even flat track or scrambler as is the case. of the FTR1200; without forgetting the Baggers.

For this reason, we have opted to become a workshop specialized in modification and customization of Indian motorcycles in Malaga and Madridto offer this service to all customers in the country who are looking for it.

We have incorporated into our custom workshop all the necessary equipment to become authentic specialists in the customization of Indian motorcycles, such as the new DIAG4BIKE Indian diagnosis and remapping system.

We also have a wide range of parts and accessories to customize Indian motorcycles in our online store (; where you can find from travel accessories for Chief 240 rear wheel akits for Scout models.

Some of the Scout motorcycle customizations that Lord Drake Kustoms has made in his cafe racer workshop in Malaga, have already become a benchmark within the transformations of Indian motorcycles in Spain and in the future we are sure that our LDK brand will become a benchmark in motorcycle modifications of this American brand in the rest of the world.