Lord Drake Kustoms made the first modification and customization of an Indian Scout cafe racer style at its facilities in Spain and since then its motorcycle transformation workshops in Malaga and Miami no have stopped customizing motorcycles of this mythical American model.

Left side view of LDK's Indian Scout Bobber

There are currently three variants of this model: the Scout, the Scout Bobber and the Scout Bobber Twenty. And for us they are undoubtedly the most customizable motorcycle model of the Indian brand; Equivalent to Harley Davidson Sportster models.

For Francisco Alí Manén (owner of Lord Drake Kustoms in Spain and the United States) the basic Indian Scout is the most recommended if you are going to carry out a very radical transformation of the motorcycle and especially that this custom modification includes the change of the original wheels … for example for a set of RC Components rims incorporating a 240 rear wheel for Indian Scout.

However, if you do not plan to change the original wheels of the motorcycle, Fran Manén recommends the Scout Bobber Twenty model, since this model has spoked wheels, which unlike alloy wheels, are the most versatile for their look for any Cafe racer or bobber transformation style.

In terms of motorcycle customization styles, Indian Scouts(regardless of the model used) are perfect for making Bobber bikes and even Cafe Racer bikes with a very sporty air.

But despite being a good motorcycle base to transform into a cafe racer or bobber, over the last few years, we have observed in our motorcycle transformation workshop in Malaga that the owners of these American custom bikes prefer to make the modification and customization of an Indian Scoutalmost always with Bobber style, with a hanging single-seater seat and a wide rear wheel.

At LDK, we defend the idea that although it is a perfect motorcycle to make a bobber, you can get a spectacular cafe racer and even other types of custom motorcycle styles; since the potential of the Scout is enormous when it comes to customizing a motorcycle.

What we are very clear about is that the transformation of Indian Scout in Spain, whatever style it may be, is going to become one of the most popular motorcycle transformations in the future.