LDK TV: BMW R100 Cafe Racer / Scrambler Green

Today we present the new BMW R100 Cafe Racer style, Scrambler and touches of Bobber and Old Style in green color.

It is a custom bike based on the BMW model from the early 80’s.

The bike we have here today is an early 1980s BMW R100 with a Boxer engine. This bike is quite a significant bike, it’s very fashionable these days. In previous chapters you have seen that we have made some similar ones. 

And well, the main feature of this bike compared to others we have made of the style is the color, we have not painted it neither black, nor gray as they usually are, nor with the metal bare… we have put a nice English green. And otherwise, as you see is a bike that from front to back has touches of Cafe Racer, touches of Scrambler and touches Bobber or “Old Style”

Highlight the hanging seat from the chassis. The integrated turn signals at the ends of the handlebars and the odometer. The dirt tires we have put on it, the exhaust and, in general, the work that has been done on “restyling”.

 If you liked this BMW R100 Cafe Racer or Scrambler, do not forget to subscribe to our channel, because in the next chapters you will see many more works on BMW R base and Boxer engine that will surprise you … We are waiting for you!

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