LDK TV: Urbantracker, a Harley Sportster Scrambler

Now let’s talk about a Harley Davidson Sportster 883 R that we converted into a Scrambler Street Tracker style motorcycle, a Sportster Scrambler.

After doing more than 15 or 20 units of Harley Davidson converted to Scrambler, there came a time when we were a little swamped and I wanted to make a bike a little more peculiar, which differed a little from the first units, and above all, do something for two seats.

This time I wanted to give it a little more urban style, reminding a beach style, for riding along a Californian promenade, something cooler, and that’s where the idea of the Urbantracker came from.

The process of building this Sportster Scrambler

It’s a bike that has been completely modified, from front to back, it is a spectacular work, we’ve put inverted fork, radio wheels, a handcrafted tail made entirely of metal. We’ve modified the subframe, we’ve made a mask to integrate the headlights, along with the numbers it carries, 69, also a very “hot” number, and we’ve modified the tank. All this we’ve combined with not a “vintage” paint, for the cream color it has, and we’ve given some summer touches, surfers, perhaps a little ethnics with the graphics that is in shades of turquoise blue

Note that this bike in 2019 became the runner-up in Europe in the modified Harley Davidson Sportster category at the European Harley Davidson Festival in Cascais, Portugal

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