The SPORTSTER S 240 DRAKER is the new Harley Davidson Sportster S 1250 with 240 rear wheel that motorbike customiser Francisco Alí Manén and his team at Lord Drake Kustoms have transformed in their motorbike customisation workshop in Málaga (Spain).

Lord Drake Kustoms, with facilities in Miami (USA) and Velez Malaga (SPAIN), is currently one of the leading companies in the transformation of custom Harleys and part of this is because they always try to innovate when it comes to the way they customising motorbikes. This time they have done it again, as they are probably one of the first customisers in the world to have fitted a 240 rear wheel on a Sportster S 1250 1250 with custom rims.


The owner of this Harley bike asked Fran Manen (owner of LDK) from the very beginning if this bike could be fitted with a much fatter rear wheel. Fran didn’t hesitate and got down to work and was very motivated, as he had it on very good authority that to date only one other company had installed a 240 rear wheel on a Sportster S worldwide… And he would be and has been the first to do it with spoked rims, in this case big spokes… And that’s how the “SPORTSTER S 240 DRAKER” came into being.


Handlebars, cut and modified front mudguard, indicators, a small mask over the headlight are some of the components that have been modified on the front of this custom Harley bike.

Handlebar detail

Handlebar detail

Wheel rim detail

Big Spoke rims

Keel detail

Personalised keel

Seat detail

Custom upholstered seat

Mask detail

Mask over the lighthouse

On the rear a brutal 2 in 1 exhaust finished in black, modification of the subframe, modification of the seat with custom upholstery, handmade Sportster 1250 license plate holder, LED lights and indicators and much more.

And finally, two spectacular BIG SPOKE wheels, with different sizes from the original ones and with a rear wheel measuring 8.5 x 18 to house a 240 Avon tyre on this Harley Davidson Sportster S; with new front and rear brake discs.


The icing on the cake was the striking Harley orange paintwork combined with pearl white and black and magnesium brown detailing and pinstriping. The paintwork is particularly noteworthy, with magnesium brown spokes and orange rims with 1250 graphics on the rear rim in black.

Painting detail


Finally, we proceeded to carry out the homologation and ITV of all the reforms made on this brutal Harley Davidson “SPORTSTER S 240 DRAKER” (with the exception of the exhaust pipe) so that it can roll through the streets of Madrid in the hands of its owner.

Sportster S 240 Draker