This custom motorcycle is not just another of the BMW cafe racer transformed in Spain; It is the BMW R100 Bobber “OLIVE” built in Lord Drake Kustoms’ BMW motorcycle transformation workshop in Malaga.


This 1980 BMW R100 is another example of the work that LDK is capable of when it is proposed to transform a classic BMW R motorcycle into something other than the typical cafe raceror scrambler motorcycle.

The team of highly qualified specialized BMW R series mechanics, who are part of the Lord Drake Kustoms staff in Spain , not only leave these classic motorcycles in perfect condition,, but also improve many of their performance whenever their customers want it. when carrying out the transformation or modification of a BMW..


The BMW R100 Bobber “OLIVE” is a bobber scrambler motorcycle, as it combines components from both styles of custom bikes. Continental TKC80 scrambler tires or the bobber hanging seat mount to accommodate a Biltwell seat are proof of that.

Front wheel detail

Shock absorbers YSS top line for BMW R

Handlebar detail

Motogadget M-Blaze turn signals

Seat detail

Biltwell Bobber Seat

Gas tank detail

Monza gas cap for BMW

The two fenders and the license plate support have been handcrafted in metal. Once again, the installation of top line YSS shock absorbers for BMW R has been chosen and, as on other occasions, Motgadget M-Blaze turn signals.

Odometer detail

Motogadget Tiny odometer

A led headlight for a BMW cafe racer, a motogadget tiny odometer, a monza gas cap for a BMW and many other details have completed this beautiful bobber style custom bike with scrambler wheels and handlebars.


Electrostatic powder painting has been made by the Metal Colors companyfor all black finishes. The BMW R100 fuel tank is olive green although in the photos it looks somewhat lighter and has been fitted with black and white BMW emblems.

Handlebar and headlight detail


This BMW cafe racer has been approved in Malaga, thanks to Lord Drake Kustoms’ own service to carry out the homologation of custom motorcycle reforms in Spain.

bmw r100 bobber olive