Dec 22, 2021 | Bikes, Bobber, Harley Davidson, Sportster

Today we are going to talk about the “Sportster Bobber 02”, customized in Lord Drake Kustoms’motorcycle transformation workshop in Malaga. The base model is a 2002 Harley Davidson Sportster to which we have carried out an authentic Bobber motorcycle modification job.

Right side view

This custom motorcycle came to us from the North of Spain and its owner wanted an authentic Harley Davidson bobber, but with more spectacular size and appearance wheels … and above all he wanted to keep the colors and graphics of the original Sportster penaut fuel tank.

Gasoline tank and front detail
Left-side view

This Harley Sportsterhas been completely disassembled and then the entire subframe was cut off to house a new bobber rear fender for Sportster, handcrafted in our Harley Davidson workshop in Malaga.

Detail of gas tank and seat
Rear fender detail
Front fender detail

Highlight, a wider rear wheel for Harley (we have put a rim with a 150 tire instead of the original 130). At the front, wide triple posts have been installed to accommodate a new 21 ”wheel with a 120 tire. To complete the set of wheels, we have installed Big Spoke rims or fat spokes for Harley in gloss black color.

Front Right Side View
Right side rear view

We made the front fender out of metal and fitted a small Ape Hanger handlebar for Sportster. We have lowered the suspension of this Bobber bikewith some new shorter shocks; and finally a Biltwell springless seat has been attached to the bike’s chassis.

Gas tank detail
Seat detail

Finally we have installed in the “Sportster Bobber 02” some santee exhausts, a rough crafts air filter, LED indicators integrated in the hand controls, gas cap, Biltwell grips, new 48mm MMB odometer for Sportstery models, a host of parts and custom accessories from our online store Customiza tu Moto and our Harley Davidson store in Malaga.

Odometer detail
Front wheel detail

Regarding the paint of this custom bike, we have respected the original colors and graphics of the Harley gas tank (which we have reworked to give it new life) and we have painted the fenders to match. The rest has been a gloss black powdercoating job done by the Metal Colors company.

Detail right side view
Detail rear left side view
Rear view detail

Regarding the reform and approval of custom transformations carried out on this bobber motorcycle, Lord Drake Kustoms’ own team has been in charge of approving all the changes made to the vehicle and delivering the motorcycle to the customer with its valid ITV.


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