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This new “Indian Scout 240 Bobber BAD” by Lord Drake Kustoms, is an Indian motorcycle transformation work carried out in its customization workshop in Spain and is attracting the attention of all who see it, due to its impressive 240 rear tire and for numerous details that we will discuss in this post.

Right side view

In the beginning, the owner of this custom bike had a totally different idea of what we have done in this Scout transformed into bobber style in our workshop specialized in modifications of Indian motorcycles. The only thing that has been kept from the original idea is the installation of a 240 rear wheel for Indian.

Front Right Side View

A brutal set of tires (240 rear) and a single-seater hanging seat accompanied by a custom-made Indian bobber rear fenderand the cut front fender have marked the style of the purest transformation of a bobber motorcycle.

Rear wheel detail
Rear wheel detail
Seat detail
Front wheel detail

The mini ape hang-on handlebar and the Ohlins shock absorbers for Indian Scout have given another important touch to this custom bike… and as icing on the cake, small details such as the handcrafted license plate holder, the HP Corse exhaust tails, turn signals and new Led headlight, grips and footrest , etc. etc.

Back view
Close-up front and right-side view
Engine detail
Gasoline tank and front detail

Finally, to make it more comfortable, a kit has been installed to delay the driver’s foot pegs, specific for Scout models of the Indian brand.

Little by little the motorcycle customization project was changed to do something more than the installation of a 240 rear tire on an Indian motorcycle and almost the entire motorcycle has been modified; which has been given a few tribute touches to the “King of Pop”Michael Jackson of whom the owner of this customized Indian Scout is a fan… Hence the “MJ” logo with the crown on the rear fender or other details such as the word “BAD” or a logo with the silhouette of the famous singer.

Decorative element detail
Rear fender detail

Two types of black have been combined in the painting of a motorcycle as characteristic as this one: Gloss black for the outer areas of the lines and pearl black for the inner part. All the lines or pinstriping and the MJ logo have been painted in silver with colored glitter to recall the shine of the glove with precious stones that the singer wore and that have dressed this “Indian Scout 240 Bobber BAD”.

Left side view


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