This is the BMW R100 Bobber Scrambler “PISTACHIO” customized in Lord Drake Kustoms cafe racer workshop in Spain, transformed in Malaga, for a client who was looking for a very attractive and cheerful color.


This completely modified BMW R100 is another example of the work that Fran Manen and his brand LDK is currently doing in the BMW transformation sector and that is leading them to become a benchmark when it comes to transforming a BMW R motorcycle into a cafe racer, bobber or scrambler.

Lord Drake Kustoms not only has a cafe racer workshop in Spain for motorcycle customization, but also has a team of highly qualified specialized BMW R series mechanics, and K series. This allows them, in addition to creating beautiful customized BMWs , to leave them behind as new mechanically and even improve many of its features at the request of the customer who is looking for a classic BMW cafe racer but that is totally reliable despite its almost 40 years old.


On this BMW R100 bobber scrambler motorcycle, the Biltwell bobber hanging seat bracket, the two fenders and the license plate bracket have been handcrafted. The entire subframe has been removed and some elements of the chassis have been modified for the installation of new YSS top line shock absorbers for BMW R.

Seat detail

Seat and shock absorbers

Continental TKC80 scrambler tires, a taillight and led rear turn signals, replacement of the ignition key or heat tape for exhausts, are some of the details of this custom bike.

Grip detail

Motogadget M-Blaze grips and indicators

In addition, the front suspension has been lowered, a Biltwell tracker handlebar has been installed accompanied by Motgadget M-Blaze indicators on the grips, an LED headlight for BMW cafe racer, a Motogadget Tiny odometer and other small details such as the rubber bellows have completed the front end of this bobber scrambler styled BMW R100 customized from start to finish.

Front wheel detail

Continental TKC80 Scrambler Tires


All black paint job on the engine, chassis, tires, etc. It has been made with electrostatic powder paint by the Metalcolors company and the BMW R100 fuel tank has been painted in pistachio green (“PISTACHIO” in English) accompanied by BMW emblems in black.

Front Right Side View
bmw r100 bobber pistachio